Naveen Dassanayake

Hailing from Sri Lanka, Naveen now calls America his home. A former motorcycle racing champion himself, Naveen's racing career was cut short due to injuries. Wanting to stay involved in the industry Naveen moved to America and enrolled in Motorcycle Mechanics institute: After graduating with Honors in 2001 Naveen was quickly offered a job in Houston, Texas with a large Honda Dealership. While there, Naveen discovered and developed his inner passion; building high performance race engines.
Naveen played a crucial role in helping to establish the successful Honda of Houston Racing Engine program. With great drive and a desire to share his abilities, Naveen moved to the professional level. He joined Factory Connection Honda - a factory supported Honda Satellite Team with his rider Josh Grant. In 2004, Naveen transformed the teams program - giving them the edge they never had, and won multiple supercross and motorcross races along the way.
After a few years of honing his skills, developing relationships and key contacts as well as gaining access to the best parts and technology available, Naveen decided to give back to the people that helped him so much; he rejoined Honda of Houston Racing. In 2011 he assembled a privateer supercross effort with Honda of Houston Racing graduate Lance Vincent, and finished an impressive 8th in championship standings in Supercross Lites - East series.
Today, Naveen is considered to be one of the premier high performance race engine builders in the industry - both amateur and professional. In 2012 Powered By Naveen opened the doors to a brand new facility in Torrance, California and undertook responsibilities in supplying high performance engines for 5150 Energy Drink Race Team. Naveen continues to take a strong hold in the industry manufacturing engines for both private and professional race teams. With a big smile, positive attitude and engine building skills like no other, Naveen will succeed at achieving a team that will be a dominate force in the industry - One that is built with PASSION and DETERMINATION.